Our vision is to transform Scott County into the place God meant it to be.  It would be very human of us to think we can do this on our own, but we know the truth.  Transformation begins and ends with God doing what only God can do: softening hearts, healing wounds, revealing the truth, helping us overcome.  We need your prayers.  Partner with us by praying for us.  Pray for Scott County.  Pray for our leadership.  Pray for the people we serve.  Pray that we will do the things God would have us do, in the way God would have us do them.


We need your help.  Your talents, your passion, your abilities, your resources, your network, your knowledge.  “The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.”  We need you to come serve with us.  Some people call it volunteering, but we think it is much more than that.  We need you to bring your best effort, to come work with us, sweat with us, love with us, cry with us, serve with us.



We know God provides.  We know God provides through His people.  When you’re a stakeholder in something, you’re invested.  Simply put, being a stakeholder means you’ve “put your money where your mouth is.”  Money is a resource that can be used for good when good people provide it for good.  Partner with us financially and see how your investment becomes an element of transformation.  To become a stakeholder, simply click here, or to make a contribution by mail, simply send your check to:

Transform Scott County
PO Box 919
Georgetown, KY 40324

For more questions about how you can be become a stake holder, simply click here and send us your questions. 

Transform Scott County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  All contributions are tax deductable. 

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