Kandice Whitehouse, President, Board of Directors

Kandice has been involved in local nonprofit work for five years, her focus being the below poverty line population. She has a heart for foster care and is a foster parent herself. She is passionate about using all that God has given her.

Matthew Stewart, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Matthew has over ten years of experience in the business world, primarily in the financial and banking sector, and he is an active community volunteer.

Jennifer Polly, Secretary, Board of Directors

Jennifer has over fifteen years of logistical management experience, and she is an active community volunteer.

Leslie Sturgill, Board of Directors

Leslie has numerous years of experience in financial development and management.  A passionate advocate, Leslie has committed many years to the well-being of both individuals and the overall community of Scott County.

Dae Nichols, Board of Directors

Dae, a pastor in the AME church, is an experienced community leader and an activist.  As a pastor, he believes we are all called to make disciples, equipping people for the mission of God, and we are equally called to be a voice for the voiceless and powerful for the powerless.

Nathaniel Price, Executive Director

Nathaniel has been in involved with social issues, such as poverty for over ten years.  He has over ten years of program development experience, primarily with churches and other religious and nonprofit organizations, and he is an active community volunteer.

Lynne Strathman, Director of Program Development

Lynne is a passionate community leader, powerful initiator, and an experienced educator.  Lynne spends her days in service of those most vulnerable. 

Benjamin Williams, Chief Morale Officer

Benjy is perhaps one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  His kindness knows no bounds.  Having overcome a terrible car addicent his senior year of high school, Benjy has gone on to conquer many hurdles in life.  Benjy represents all that is good about TSC.  He keeps morale running at a high level.