• We glorify God by giving our best.  We must constantly aim for the highest measure of excellence in all we do.
  • We must be innovative.  There is no need to do what has already been done.  We must chart new territory, trailblazing a path of new and improved ways: researched, tested, and Biblically validated.
  • It can't be just about warm fuzziness; it has to be about life change.  We have to be careful that we don't create situations in our work where people give for emotional reward.  Our goal has to be life change: development and discipleship.
  • We must be ecumenical, working towards that which unifies the body of Christ and not being distracted by that which divides us.
  • We must take risk.  The example in Christ is that taking risk changes the world.  Let us not live in safety but thrive in a willingness to take risk.
  • We must help people find their right identity.  A right identity will lead to right behavior.  It is in Christ that we discover the truth of who we’re created to be.  This identity, once wholly embraced will lead to right behavior.
  • Relationships are primary: they are our greatest need and our greatest asset.

Guiding Principles