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October 17, 2017 6pm

Conference Center at Georgetown College, 100 Crawford Drive, Georgetown, KY 40324


Emcee: Rev. Alan Redditt

Pastor, Georgetown Baptist Church

Musical Guest: Joseph L. Henderson
Worship Leader, New Zion United Methodist Church

Speaker: Andrew Wilkinson 
Life becomes life to all of us at some point or another. When the punches are harder, the kicks more powerful, and the truth is like the cold of a long, gray winter. According to this world, Andrew Wilkinson had everything. A successful family, a powerful father (Former KY Governor, Wallace Wilkinson), money, material possessions, selfish luxury, and a life of travel and comfort. Then the bottom fell out.
What happens when our truths evaporate in front our eyes? Where life as we know it doesn’t exist anymore. When the storms come and illusions are the first casualties. Andrew Wilkinson knows and he has written about it in his first book, "The Blessings of My Storms."
Sixteen years ago, Andrew left his home state of Kentucky with the structures and beams of his life burning in the rearview mirror, and his father gone. Things could get worse and they did. Much worse. Only when he sat, chained with one eye swollen shut and nowhere left to run or hide, was he able to see. God had him in a corner that forced him to turn around and look at his life. The story Andrew tells is one of brokenness, surrender, forgiveness, and restoration through Jesus Christ.



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